About us

We address sports, leisure and landscaping artificial grass systems markets through a multi-brand strategy.

We cover all end-user applications. And a broad geographic scope thanks to a diversified product portfolio. With several routes-to-market. Always adapted to local market needs.

Our values

Sports & Leisure Group strives to create the perfect grass for both sports surfaces and residential use.

By delivering top pitches in terms of playing characteristics, sustainability and ecological footprint.

Customer oriented

The customer always comes first

Integrity and social responsibility

Reliable and sincere partner, engaged to have a positive social impact on all different stakeholders

Innovation & sustainability

Health and environment are at the core of Sports & Leisure innovation strategy

Economic & operational efficiency

  1. Consciously dealing with costs & expenses
  2. Continuously monitoring operational efficiency


Benefitting from the highest accreditations certifications. 

Sports and Leisure Group benefits from the highest certificates from leading sports bodies such as FIFA Preferred Producer, FIH Preferred Producer, ITF, IRB etc.

The group makes use of the newest technologies and is one of the leading innovators in the sector.

Manufacturing facilities

Our ‘state of the art’ production facilities are equipped to manufacture more than 20 million square meters of artificial grass per year.

With more than 30 years of experience in the production and marketing of artificial grass, Sports and Leisure Group is one of the most reliable and best performing artificial grass companies in the world.

Today we are responsible for the production of more than 20 million m² of artificial turf for American football, soccer, hockey, tennis, rugby, golf, multisport and landscape applications.


Global reach



The Netherlands









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